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Love, compassion, caring


Remembering Mothers provides orphans and other vulnerable children the housing, food, attention, medical care and education they need to turn their dreams into reality.

Every child deserves a chance to achieve their dreams.  But what happens when their dreams are clouded with worries of food, shelter and other basic needs such as healthcare? 


What if they don’t dare to dream at all?



Turning dreams into reality

Katende Tonny Bishop, who lived on the streets, is the person who started the Remembering Mothers orphanage and is a loving, caring father who teaches them the love they never found on the streets. 

At one time he also came from the streets and the church took him in and taught him love and ways to help other children to find a way to live to gether and love and support each other as a family. Can we help them do all this with one donation at a time no matter how big or small it will all take them to their goal of their dream.

Help us spread the word and please make a donation! Any contribution is deeply appreciated.


Thanks to our generous donors, we currently care for 66 children who came to us either as orphans or from the streets. As proud as we are of what we have achieved, we have a long way to go, and that is where you come in.  Your generous donations will allow us to:


  • Purchase our own land;

  • Complete construction on our own orphanage home, allowing us to care for a greater number of children;

  • Build a school to educate not only the children of our ministry, but others who cannot afford school fees;

  • Grow our own crops to help feed the hungry.


Upon graduation, our children move on to vocational school, where they acquire skills in tailoring, computers, building, animal husbandry or agriculture.  These are the tools they need to become productive and happy members of society.


Our challenge is to raise these funds as soon as possible to avoid losing these children to illness and other tragedies. 

Instead of asking yourself how or why you should help, consider that your donation can help create a place where homeless children can come and have their basic needs met.  Children are the seeds that will grow into the future of society.  You have a chance to help sow those seeds into a better future for these children, and in turn, the world.  


Follow the progress of our orphanage and your donation on our website, where we will provide updates and video of our pogress.


Your donation creates the ripple in the pond, with far reaching potential.  

Making a donation is very easy... and very much appreciated! Simply click on the PayPal Link


Or use and follow the directions...

For MoneyGram please send your donation to the attention of:

Receiver: Katende Tonny 
Country: Uganda 
Steet address: Kyaggwe Road 1-8

Email; Address:

Once the money has been sent, Katende will be notified and can then pick up your generous donation at any MoneyGram station in Uganda.



We appreciate your interest in supporting Remembering Mothers' mission to serve the children of Uganda. We welcome your questions and comments. Feel free to correspond with Katende at any time.

Katende Tonny 

Remembering Mothers Children Center Uganda Africa 

 P.O.Box 9505 


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